Wilson may or may not make it—and we still don’t really know by the end of “Holding On.”

ahahaha fuck me i am not enjoying the ~will he won’t he~ part of this storyline. but if we still don’t know by the end of 8x21 does this mean he agrees to the treatment or something? pls

  1. bilbosexual said: nooooo :( also, i’m getting a bit tired of the episodes ending with cliffhangers… i know they want to stretch the story but- NO
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    Yeah, this is driving me crazy…o_o; Also, the more I think Wilson might make it, the more I think House might not....
  3. fauxmulder said: oh god please let him live just pls fdghdfhsg sigh how are we gonna last 10 more days
  4. socialcasualties said: God I want to click read more so badly but I only want spoilers for Monday’s episode and not the finale (almost impossible, I know). Will I be safe if I open this?
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